HOLO Mini Moon Set Silicone Mold for Resin
HOLO Mini Moon Set Silicone Mold for Resin
HOLO Mini Moon Set Silicone Mold for Resin

HOLO Mini Moon Set Silicone Mold for Resin

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** Please read all Important Notes below before purchasing  *** 

HOLO Mini Moon Set Silicone Mold for Resin casting. This mold has random holographic patterns. No pre-made holes in molds.

Finished resin products will range from 1 inch to 1.5 inch long and approximately 1/8 inch thick.

HOLO molds will give your resin castings holographic effect. Perfect to make into earrings, charms, or embellishments for other art projects - the possibility is endless. 

Listing price is for 1 piece of silicone mold only. Finished resin product not included.


Tips on how to use HOLO Molds:

- Let your epoxy resin cure completely hard before demolding. Do not use these molds with UV resin since UV resin needs clear molds to cure properly.

- Do not brush mica powder directly on the mold. Best way is to mix colorant and glitters in epoxy resin first then pour into the mold.

- Do not put top coat on the holo side of the resin piece. Holo effect will disappear if submerged in resin.


*** All HOLO molds are 100% handmade from mixed materials. There will be some imperfection on mold surface but it will still give off beautiful holographic effect for your artwork.

*** HOLO surface is fragile so please accept scratches with uses.

*** Please feel free to sell any resin artworks made from this mold, but replicating my mold design is strictly prohibited.

*** Like all other molds, HOLO molds will get dull over time, but if you don't use heat when resin is inside the molds, your HOLO molds will last longer.

***Silicone mold received will be in random color. No custom mold color.

*** This silicone might not be compatible with pressure pot.

*** Do NOT expose silicone mold to heat by using torch or heat gun while resin is inside the mold. Heat will damage mold surface.

*** This mold is NOT food safe.

*** Please make sure to read and agree with my Shop Policy for any FAQ's before you purchase my molds!